TSSM embraces Four Core Values that uphold God’s activity among us and provide the grid for the release of God’s glory in and through us. They present us with our best opportunity for sustainable spiritual development and revival communities.

These four core values are:


The Presence Of God and The Testimony Of Jesus

We highly value God’s manifest presence and eagerly host His visitations. The testimony of Jesus reflects the accurate representation of Jesus and His accomplishments.


Deep Relational Commitments

We endeavor to love and serve people without expectation. Covenant Relationships provide an atmosphere for signs and wonders.


Understanding The Responsibility To Those Who Follow

We value the potential of the next generation recognizing they have a huge opportunity for good or evil. Our job is to bring out the good.


Measuring Our Success By Community Influence

Our gatherings mobilize, activate, encourage and commission one another to be salt and light in the earth, infecting the region with hope.


TSSM’s core values are properly understood within the context of the Statement of Faith of Trinity Church. Values inherent and common to Christian faith such as love, salvation, purity, obedience and faith are assumed, and therefore, not addressed in detail.

Statement of Faith


Modeled after the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM), TSSM has also adopted BSSM’s guiding principles as our very own.  Each of these tenets undergird and amplify the Four Core Values from which Trinity Church and TSSM draws it’s experiences and beliefs.

God is Good

God is good regardless of our circumstances. God is generous and as we remember and retell what He has done, He’s able and eager to do it again.

Salvation Creates Identity

We are new creations, not merely “sinners saved by grace,” but saints who have been given His righteousness. We are adopted as royalty into God’s family.

Responsive to Grace

God scandalously loves His “lost” creation and extends grace, empowering believers to love Him and others at a higher standard than the law. The Father’s love keeps us from focusing on sin or hiding in shame if we fail.

Focused on His Presence

Our first ministry is to God. As a lifestyle, we focus on Him while we minister and attempt to say what God is saying and do what He is doing.

Creating Healthy Families

We are adopted into God’s family, so we intentionally create family and community wherever we go. We think like healthy family members by doing what’s best for the whole environment and submitting to one another and by not being selfish.

God’s Word Transforms

We encounter God in the Word, and faith is released into our lives. As we study Scripture, it empowers us to know who God is, who we are and how He wants us to live.

God’s Still Speaking

Jesus said that His sheep would know His voice and that the Holy Spirit would teach us all things. It’s natural for God to communicate with His family and important for us to listen, look, and learn His language and ways.

Supernatural Ministry

Jesus promised signs would follow believers and they would do even greater works than He. Nothing is impossible with God so no person or situation is beyond His ability to bring complete restoration.

His Kingdom is Advancing

Every believer is in full-time ministry because God is advancing His Kingdom, not just building His Church. Our work and effort, whether big or small, inside or outside the church, is sacred and valuable to God.

Free and Responsible

Christ died to set us free from the law of sin and death, fear, and shame. Freedom is very personal, but not self-centered. We have been given freedom to serve one another in love.

Honor Affirms Value

Honor recognizes and affirms how valuable and powerful other people are because they are made in His image and He died to restore them to relationship.

Hope in a Glorious Bride

We believe the Church will successfully fulfill Christ’s great commission to make disciples of all nations, which means the nations will be transformed.